Step 1: 0-serie

In the end of the engineering we’ve a prototype with a complete package of technical drawings and 2D/3D CAD files. This prototype is tested as far as possible on the basis of the proposed requirements. If the prototype doesn’t meet the product requirements, it will be adjusted or a whole new product will be developed. In that case the design process will start from the beginning again. Only when a prototype meets the proposed requirements the molds are made for production. It happens regularly that multiple prototypes were made before the design meets the product requirements. With the molds a first 0-serie can produced that also will be tested again. This 0-serie is also called a test serie.


Step 2: Testing 0-serie

With this 0-serie, the products can be tested and any certifications or quality marks can be requested. A certification or a quality mark indicates that a product meets certain requirements. For example certain safety or durability requirements. In most cases, a product sells better with a quality mark or certification and in some cases it’s legally required. After testing the product, small changes or improvements to the molds can still be made.


Step 3: Serie production

When the 0-serie satisfied the product requirements, we will start the serie production. The latest adjustments to the mold are carried out and depending on the product or project we look in consultation with the client where we can produced the best. When the production started, we will continue monitor the quality standards to ensure that the product meets the requirements. Eventually we can transport and pack the product as desired.