Step 1: It all starts with an idea

Everything has ever been designed and went through the design process. What started with a simple sketch on a rough copy, could be carefully researched and analyzed to added value in the market before it went into production. Did the idea really solve a problem? Is the idea really new? What distinguishes the product from its competitors? These are some questions that we initially investigate before we continuing into the design process. A good idea isn’t a working solution yet.


Step 2: Markt analysis

In an analysis to the current market, we investigate the target group, direct and indirect competitors, opportunities and threats. If all market research questions have been answered, a marketing plan with a product strategy can be prepared. This product strategy is used as the basis for the design process, which contains all the steps that need to be taken to make the idea a marketable product. At the end of the market analysis, we clearly identify the products requirements in a program of requirements. In the program of requirements is a description where the final product should meet the specifications.


Step 3: Design

After capturing the product requirements, as much as possible ideas and solutions are generated. Brainstorm sessions, sketches, 3D visualizations and the making of models created different product ideas. These product ideas and solutions are further developed and after a while some product concepts arise which will be discussed with the client. The advantages and disadvantages of product concepts are weighed against each other and before a final choice is made we check the concept with the program of requirements. If the product meets the specifications of the program of requirements we go on with the development in the engineering.